“Our organization has enjoyed great success working in close partnership with METI to achieve division goals under reasonable schedules and demonstrated cost efficiencies. METI has a high visibility standing with AFMC with excellent credentials and reputation.”

COTR, HQ AFMC/A1D December 20, 2017

“ETMS is critical to AFMC Force Development and is the AF solution to ensure various data systems successfully cross-flow to Mil-PDS1 and DCPDS2 which has enabled AF to avoid thousands of man-hours in otherwise manual data updates.”

Government Quality Assurance Representative, AFMC/A1DS December 20, 2017

“We completed the High Speed Wind Evaluation … with amazing 128+ test iterations in 2 1/2 days.  Thank you all for making the test week trouble-free and doing an excellent job.  A special thank you to our “Pit Crew” for the quick turn-around in between tests.  The Army was very impressed with our test methodology and said they will probably be back for more testing in the future.”

Project Lead, Egress and Deceleration Branch Aerospace Engineering and support Division, NAWCWD, China Lake December 20, 2017

“Contract support personnel were instrumental in enabling the Air Warfare Training Development (AWTD) IPT to obligate funding for five different training systems Research and Development (R&D) projects in less than six months.  This enabled PMA205 to meet FY15 EOY obligation benchmarks while providing for critical R&D in support of LVC training, aviation survival training, and maritime post mission assessment capability.  To facilitate management of this additional funding, the contract support personnel developed and implemented an innovative system for tracking obligation and expenditure performance against OSD benchmarks.  Based on the method’s success for AWTD, ITTR IPTL directed other ITTR teams to adopt elements of it.  Additionally, contract support personnel provided subject matter expertise (SME) and management support that was instrumental to the roll-out of the Post Mission Assessment for Tactical Training and Trends Analysis (PMATT-TA) to CPW-2 and CPW-10.  Timely inputs from contract support personnel enabled the government team to quickly identify and resolve technical issues in a cost-effective manner.  The success of the PMATT-TA project has led to calls from other platform communities for a similar capability.

The contractor’s SME provided very good quality support while providing technical support in the area of acoustic model expertise in developing the Common Acoustic Simulation Environment Fidelity Improvement Specifications.  The contractor identified dozens of needed edits and inputs in the specifications and provided useful information in creation of the specification, especially in the areas of acoustic models.  The contractor reviewed over 1400 specification requirements and volunteered corrective/clarifying changes to them.  The contractor also took a major role in working with Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab in the development of the Acoustic Compendium, a major artifact describing the acoustic phenomena and utility of acoustic models.  Contractor inputs were well received by the government and JHU, which led to a high quality development of the compendium.”

COR, PMA 205 Ops December 20, 2017

In May 2016, METI received “The United States Forest Service International Programs Award” in appreciation of our management support and successful implementation of the WASH infrastructure delivery of the STEWARD Program from Director of International Programs, and Thomas L. Tidwell, Chief of US Forest Service.

December 20, 2017

“I would like to take this opportunity to note the outstanding performance of METI and its employees assigned to support the International Programs Office (IP) during the last year. I am very pleased to be able to recognize all of the federal employees assigned to IP with spot awards for their work over the last 12 months. Such excellent work could not have been possible without the superior support we have received from METI and its international workforce.

As you know, we administer programs overseas to enhance technical cooperation on areas of domestic interest, to advance environmental diplomacy, to train personnel, and to help conserve the world’s natural resources.

In support of our mission, METI has accepted and performed admirably on hundreds of delivery orders, including many in support of critical projects requiring coordination with other U.S. Agencies such as the U.S. State Department, The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), The Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) Foreign Governments and numerous Non- Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) worldwide.

For these important accomplishments and for all of the other projects undertaken by METI during this period, please accept and pass on to your employees our sincere appreciation for the outstanding support services provided to the International Programs Office of the U.S. Forest Service.”

Director, USFS December 20, 2017

“On behalf of the Western Region’s Committee for the national Cohesive Wildfire Strategy, I want to thank you and your team for your contributions and efforts in the development of Phase II, Phase III, and the Regional Action Plan. In Phase II, your team served as our communications effort from a facilitation standpoint as well as developing stakeholder content analysis and products to assist partners and communities including the development of monthly regional updates. The Phase II products would not have been as accurate or reflective of stakeholder engagement without your team’s hard work, expertise, and commitment to the effort. In Phase III and the subsequent Regional Action Plan your team provided depth and experience to the regional communications Working Group. Your team helped develop and manage the success stories, a template on how success stories could translate in to a utility for the Strategy’s implementation, continued development of the monthly updates, facilitated stakeholder outreach, and essentially designed the process timeline and key engagement points for the directed timeline. Through both phases your team has consolidated, evaluated, and assimilated stakeholder feedback for the use of the WRSC. Again, without your team’s involvement, we would not have the products to the accuracy and meaning that they have today. Thank you. What follows are some key thoughts on our minds with specific acknowledgements to individuals on the METI/Western Regional Team.”

International Association of Fire Chiefs Co-Chair, Western Region Strategy Committee, USFS December 20, 2017

“The Forest Service National Groundwater Program has been fortunate to be working with METI for the last five years as the program has worked through the development and publication of key technical resources.  The Groundwater Program in the Forest Service is one of the newest resource management initiatives in the agency and as such has had to develop new technical resources to support field implementation of the program.  Through contracting with METI, we have gained access to superior project management, sound guidance, and numerous technical resources that we would not have been able to access on our own.  In no small part due to METI’s assistance, the Groundwater Program has completed and published two field guides, is progressing through final reviews on a new technical guide, and is starting the revision of the original technical guide developed in the early stages of the program about a decade ago.  The high performance of our development team has been noticed by Forest Service management and has resulted in continued funding for now six straight years.”

National Groundwater Program Leader, USFS December 20, 2017

“METI provided skilled, experienced, qualified individuals to do the work. The management team was highly responsive to government needs, anticipated requirements and always cooperative. At the corporate level, METI was very open, transparent in its business dealings and easy to work with.”

FAA June 11, 2013

“The personnel involved with this project are professional and knowledgeable. This has allowed for the successful creation of the IFT-DSS system.”

National Interagency Fire Center June 11, 2013

“The corporate capability of the contractor is solid. The personnel assigned to each of the tasks are technically competent and dedicated subject matter experts.”

USDA June 11, 2013

“METI has accepted and performed admirably on hundreds of delivery orders, including many in support of critical projects requiring coordination with other U.S. Agencies such as the U.S. State Department, The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), The Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) Foreign Governments and numerous Non- Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) worldwide.”

U.S. Department of Agriculture June 11, 2013

“METI is an outstanding small business service provider. The personnel and management working on the subcontract are motivated, dedicated, ethical and reliable.”

U.S. Army May 8, 2013

“Your significant contributions and resulting accomplishments over the past 18 months have made a remarkable difference as we deliver new products to the Fleet. Your work performance and products are, in effect, transforming the Fleet, changing doctrine, and providing newer, more capable tools to the warfighter that we will continue to improve and enhance for the next 60 years.”

USN May 8, 2013

“METI has contributed ideas to help streamline operations at the WSL which have been implemented to save time and money. Their personnel are considered to be effective members of the WSL team.”

Naval Air Warfare Center April 3, 2013