METI’s innovative Information Technology (IT) solutions improve productivity and reduce operational costs for our federal, state, and commercial agencies customers. Our customers rely on METI teams of software analysts, programmers, and engineers to develop software and systems, customize functionality, maintain applications, and integrate disparate software to meet their business needs.

METI’s IT personnel have extensive experience in maintaining and enhancing application systems. Their experience includes maintaining and upgrading legacy systems as well as conversion and re-engineering of those systems using the latest technology tools and methodology.

Our system migration experience focuses on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) integration, the application of the new and evolving technologies with existing systems, and the development of custom software.

METI facilitates enhanced productivity at the desktop level by providing integrated computer support services for our Air Force, Army, and Navy customers. We have designed, developed, installed, operated, and maintained major networks and test bed facilities. We continue to provide operational system availability at the highest level for our customers.

METI has provided the U.S. Army 7th SIG Command with day-to-day operational support at the US Army 7th SIG CMD (NETCOM C-TNOSC). Services include network operations, system administration, database and applications management, and systems security. We use enterprise network management tools to monitor and analyze network performance.

METI developed the C-TNOSC Information Web Portal, which encompasses content aggregation and document management through a browser-based environment. METI engineers integrate network status and other significant activity into the Portal in near real time.

METI provides engineering, development, maintenance, and training for the Air Force Materiel Command, (AFMC) Education/Training Management System (ETMS). ETMS is a web-enabled secure data system providing planning, processing, and tracking of training requirements, as well as training management for end-users at all of the AFMC bases.

METI’s IT operations support experience ranges from local area networks (LAN) to 24-hour/7-day a week computer facility operations and support:

  • Network Engineering

Network engineering services provided by METI staff include system architecture and application architectures, modular hub design, dynamic multimedia hub-to-path panel design, routers, bridges, and video tele-conferencing.

  • Network Administration

Network administration experience has included server administration, multilevel security access, LAN, WAN, and e-mail support, and both classified and unclassified networks.

  • Network and Computer Support

METI hardware technical professionals perform help desk support, PC hardware/software troubleshooting and repair, telephone and on-site support, PC hardware/software installations, and PC hardware/software upgrades. Networks supported include all major operating systems, ATM, TCP/IP, and Internet and Intranet.

  • Process Reengineering and Applications Development

METI software engineers support client enterprises with business process reengineering efforts including site surveys, requirements analysis, baseline change requests, preliminary designs and review, critical designs and review, testing, long-term support, and life-cycle cost. Our IT professionals also provide database development and support customized software applications.

  • Internet Services

Internet services available from METI include web page development, web interface and interactive database design. METI professionals also integrate LANs with the Internet; and perform Intranet design, implementation, and administration. Our IT professionals routinely support our clients’ Internet gateways, routers and servers. We also design, implement and administer web servers.

  • Technical Documentation

METI professionals provide our clients technical documentation which includes the writing and editing of illustrated system and user manuals, publications and presentations design, as well as web page design and production.