As a proven leader in Systems Engineering, a major segment of METI’s business base has revolved around systems engineering, systems engineering processes, and management of systems engineering activities.

METI establishes structures for the common program engineering and management procedures. Our software engineers use a comprehensive approach to systems engineering efforts throughout the life cycle of programs, systems, products, and equipment. Our systems engineering experience has been in the areas of the FAA National Airspace System: range instrumentation systems; aircraft, shipboard, and weapon systems; acquisition logistics support; and management support services. Other engineering services provided by METI include:

  • Engineering Studies
  • System and Prototype Development and Testing
  • System Engineering and Development
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Documentation
  • Systems Integration
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • Configuration/Data Management

FAA Engineering Services

METI’s engineers supported the FAA Logistics Center and the National Airways System Engineering Office located at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. METI engineers developed, modified, and implemented engineering changes to FAA fielded systems, including radar, navigation aids, communications, weather, and facilities systems.

Test Engineering Services

METI provides the Army’s Electronic Proving Ground with test engineering services that include operations support, test planning and design, instrumentation requirements and analysis, and data collection.

Specialized Range Instrumentation

METI has provided engineering and technical services in support of the Specialized Control Range Instrumentation System for the Naval Warfare Assessment Division for over 17 years. The majority of the engineering support for range instrumentation consists of detailed engineering analysis, integrated logistic support, design and integration analysis, and quality assurance of systems. We have developed technical and procurement specifications and associated documentation for procurement of range instrumentation. We continue to provide support for the Systems Replacement and Modernization
Program (SRAM) procurement projects.

Range Engineering Services

Since our inception METI has been deeply involved in the development and support of Test and Training Range Programs, systems, and equipment for the government. Our performance of range engineering services spans the life cycle of range systems from acquisition to operations support.

Aircraft and Weapons Systems Support

METI has performed organizational level Configuration Management (CM) for fixed and rotary wing Navy Research Development Test and Evaluation aircraft, which include aircraft configuration tracking and control, modification change kit logistics, and aircraft avionics system support. Our analysts performed technical assessments of weapon systems ballistics data and aircraft safe escape and fragmentation analyses. We have supported the Combat Aircraft Boresight Technical Cognizance Activity with analyses, technical research, and program development for Navy and Marine Corps AV-8B, F-14D, A-6E, OV-10D, and AH-1T combat aircraft.

Integrated Logistic Support

METI logisticians and technicians play a key role in providing integrated logistics support for the programs, systems, and equipment that we design, develop, integrate, and operate for our customers. We prepare Integrated Logistics Support Plans, Phased Support Plans, Maintenance Plans, support documentation and standard ILS functions for Research Development Test and Engineering field activity.