METI provides Acquisition Management professionals dedicated to planning life cycle support for customers’ equipment and systems. METI clients have included the FAA Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, the Navy Tactical Training Rangers Program Office, and the Air Force Materiel Command Aeronautical System Center. We also provide Acquisition and Life Cycle Management; Logistics Management and Analysis, Network and Information System Design and Implementation, and Financial Analysis.

The following selected areas are representative of the technical services support provided by METI:

Business and Financial Management

The FAA Aeronautical Center provides surveillance systems, navigational aids and weather systems for the National Airspace System (NAS). The FAA’s Tactical Training Range Program Office provides range instrumentation for the training of air, surface, and sub-surface combats in a realistic combat environment. Through this contract METI provides program management, budget and accounting administration, database maintenance, and the reporting of all Tactical Training Rangers programs. Our Information Technology staff provides the FAA programming updates, data entry and output, and all associated technical documentation maintenance and distribution.

Air Force Materiel Command

METI supported the acquisition requirements for the Aeronautical Systems Center at WPAFB using Information Technology to reduce the cost and acquisition time for procurement of weapons and training systems. METI lead the development of automated source selection tools, such as the Pre-award Information Exchange System (PIXS) and EZSource. PIXS is a web- based e-Commerce system for soliciting and involving industry in the procurement process, providing paperless communications and integrations of other government procurement systems. EZSource created a structured electronic environment for proposal evaluation and source selection team communication. These innovative IT solutions resulted in a reduction in cycle time to contract award, reduced costs, and successful procurement goals.

Design Concepts

METI analysts propose FAA and Navy systems improvement and modernization concepts, and system interface concepts. They also provide recommendations and alternatives for effective use of concept formulation and engineering design.


METI conducts site surveys to assist in defining acquisition and development alternatives. Such surveys are based on historical and planning data engineering assumptions, funding and time variables.

Systems Engineering

METI provides systems engineering and technical services related to various concepts for new and modified FAA and Navy instrumentation systems, equipment, and programs. These services include: FAA Surveillance, Navigation Aids, and Weather Systems; Navy Tactical Air Crew Combat Training Systems; Integrated Air Warfare Training Systems; Fleet Integrated Training Systems; and Large Area Training Systems. These systems also include: Scoring Systems, Time-Space-Positioning Systems, Underwater Tracking Systems, and Communication Systems.

Engineering Design Studies

METI performed Engineering Design Studies for the FAA National Airspace Systems (NAS) and Navy Tactical Training support equipment. We also conduct trade studies to help define alternative solutions where objectives or requirements conflict with proposed costs or schedules. METI’s studies help determine systems capabilities requirements for range systems applications. We conduct threat systems studies and training scenario requirements, and review program and studies reports.

Program Documentation

METI prepares and revises program and technical documentation for FAA National Airspace Systems (NAS) and Navy Tactical Training Range Systems. Our documentation includes modification kits, project master plans, implantations plans, statements of work, works breakdown structures, test and evaluation master plans, and project status reports. We develop and maintain system operation descriptions and program performance specifications.