Our commitment to effectively implement Quality Assurance and Control on each task we perform is fully supported by corporate management. METI uses a Quality Management System (QMS) utilizing a comprehensive performance management system that includes the continuous training of employees in state-of-the-art technologies and a methodology to objectively measure success. Our commitment to quality service, depth of staff strength, knowledge of the client environment, ability to anticipate and meet changing requirements, and proven ability to provide each site with value added improvements that will further enhance operations and provide improved levels of both service and productivity, all make the METI Team the ideal contractors to support the ever changing environment of the Navy. Our procedures and policies have been developed and honed by subject matter experts and they meet and or exceed the requirements of every federal agency that we are supporting, as well as the DCAA.

METI has established and implemented quality control measures, in keeping with METI’s accepted responsibility for ensuring effective and efficient performance of the contracted work. Those measures are respon­sive to company policies and client requirements, providing for all products and services to be delivered on schedule and to meet specified and implied standards of performance and quality.

Several mechanisms are used to support METI’s quality controls for the contracted work:

METI staffs the workforce with qualified and experienced personnel, capable of performing the services required by the contract.

We run our company with the latest in accounting and cost control software (Deltek) which complements our tried and proven management techniques that has enabled us to organize for and to perform well on every contract that has been provided to us.

METI ensures that its personnel assigned to the project are knowledgeable of the work requirements specified and implied by client and the contract statement of work, especially regarding specifications, deliverables, and schedules.

METI ensures that all personnel are committed to quality performance and that those personnel maintain a close-working relationship with the client staff to promote such performance. METI makes maximum use of the experience, creativity, and ability of each employee in sharing individual expertise and knowledge to assist in quality work performance by the METI team. Each METI team member accepts individual responsibility for quality monitoring and control and is encouraged to be proactive in suggesting quality improvements.

METI employees maintain up-to-date knowledge and skill sets applicable to the proposed work, especially with technological developments and techniques that could provide for improved quality work.

Quality control mechanisms inherently exist in the interface between METI’s interacting development activities performing the proposed work. Each project features an intra-team quality verification process as a standard component of the work.

The client’s participation in evaluating the services provided by METI is encouraged. Such client involvement provides for outside quality checks, which is especially important with the development of new and enhanced system functions.

METI employs a lessons-learned policy to reduce recurrence of defective work and less-than superior services, which prevents repetition of poor performance. Teamwork is stressed, with each employee serving as an integral component of the whole-team approach to quality monitoring and control.

METI performs ongoing monitoring of both team and individual performance to detect any deficiency or trend toward de ficiency. METI’s policy requires immediate remedy of any problem hindering quality performance, including removal of personnel from the contracted services.

METI performs timely correction of any noted discrepancies in work.