METI, Inc. announced today that the company has received several contract awards to participate in the General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) “One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services” — commonly known as OASIS — contract. OASIS is a governmentwide professional services contract administered by the GSA and was designed to be a one-stop-shop for federal agencies. The OASIS vehicle has a five-year base and a five-year option and is designed to provide federal agencies with one solution to purchase professional services across six categories or “pools”: management consulting, program management, financial management, logistics, engineering and scientific services. METI will be participating in the opportunity to win work in Pools 3 and 4; “Engineering Solutions” and “Scientific Services”. The OASIS contract differs from the traditional GSA schedules program because it consists of standardized labor categories and allows for all contract types at the task-order level, including cost-reimbursement and cost plus contracts. The overall contract could be worth as much as $60 billion over the next decade.

“OASIS consolidates and improves efficiency in the acquisition of important services that help our government customers accomplish their mission, and it offers top notch small businesses the opportunity to provide vital knowledge and expertise. METI is honored to have been chosen to have the opportunity to participate in this contract,” said Renard U. Johnson, METI President/CEO.

Founded in 1994, METI is a professional services company providing Information Technology and Engineering Support Services to the Federal Government and private industry throughout the United States and other countries worldwide.